About Me

My name is Olga Karic and I am a family photographer. I was born far away from America, I’ve spent some time traveling across Eastern Europe, and now I call Chicago my home. I’m a mother to two wonderful sons and I am a former preschool teacher. I enjoy the simple things in life like lying in a field of wild daisies, splashing my feet in Lake Michigan, and relaxing in my cozy home with the scent of fresh coffee brewing.

Why Work With Me

My profession was working with children as an educator until I met someone in her last stage of cancer. We became friends and I shared a big dream with my new friend. I had a passion for capturing life’s special moments on camera. One day, my friend gave me a present. It was a present from the heart – a new professional camera. This is how I began my journey towards becoming a photographer.

I believe that my experience of working with children is an invaluable foundation for what I do now. I see the world through children’s eyes. I am now able to see and capture a child’s curiosity and pure honest emotion in adults. I enjoy photographing feelings of love and warmth in families. I like playing with lighting and working within a space where people are most natural. Most of all, I enjoy seeing and capturing the individual beauty in each person.


My Preferences

I like capturing special events like weddings, birthdays, baptisms, showers and other celebrations. I equally enjoy taking moving romantic pictures outdoors or special family photos inside the home. Finally, I have a personal passion for pictures of the world in its natural state.